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ZheJiang GuoTong Automobile Co.,Ltd
General Manager:Wang Jiawei
Add:No.18 Feiyun Jiang Road,Shangcheng District,Hangzhou, Zhejiang,China
Zip Code:310008
Mobile phone:0086-13605818173
      Since 1993, ZheJiang GuoTong Automobile Co., Ltd has been a specialized supplier of OEM Products for European marke(especially Germany ) and American.
After 22 years of development, now we have more than 2000 kinds of OEM parts, 95% of which are exported to Germany market.
Born in “The world’s factory” China, our team always provides OEM parts & various services. This is what keeps us on the competitive edge regarding after sales maintenance and helps the buyer save money with replacement parts. We are now world class in quality, excellence & appearance with a competitive price and a 100% service guarantee.
GuoTong has made a long-term effort of hiring and training a high quality young sales team with a global view and outstanding performance. They continue to go up and innovate in order to meet the challenges of a rapidly developing world in the new era of a knowledge-based economy.
The company lays an emphasis on the training of a professional team. Through professionals in import & export business, machine facture, quality control system, we provide a professional product and technical service according to customers’ need bringing more profit to both parties.
After 22 years of business, GuoTong is familiar with European market and standards. We are specialized in QA & QC, and have our own strong R&D team and various equipments and tools for testing & checking. You can count on our knowledge and expertise. And we would like to say to those who are considering GuoTong as your choice, just as our motto ”let’s go together”.
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